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I love my adopted dogs Sadie, Piper and Oliver, Kayaking, Snowboarding, Gardening, travel and anything that puts me in the sun! I was born and raised in London Ontario! At around the age of 18 I started living and working in the Rocky mountains, Vancouver, and the Cayman Islands. I returned to this beautiful city a number of years later and fell in love with real estate. I’ve been a real estate agent since 2016, since then I have purchased income properties, flips, successfully run Air B&B investments, and met my real estate partner Candace to form the Investing In London Team. My pride is finding dream homes, helping people grow their portfolios and investing in the future. London is great for its downtown entertainment, patios, and so many festivals! I really enjoy the amount of activities it has to offer in each season, from snowboarding at Boler Mountain to kayaking at Fanshawe Conservation, and the fall festivals that we put on… we really know how to savor the 4 full seasons we are so lucky to live with.


I am a volunteer firefighter, lover of cheese, sushi, soccer, hiking, music festivals and travelling! I have been a realtor since 2013, but have been involved in real estate as an investor since January 2010 when I was in third year at Western University and purchased my first home and student rental property. After that purchase I never looked back, real estate became my passion, when you do what you love, you never work a day in your life! In July 2015 I got into AirBnB and was the first realtor in London, Ontario to specialize in AirBnb rental properties. I like doing things in pairs; I am a dual-licensed realtor with the ability to operate in both Ontario and British Columbia. I am also fluent in both French and English! Having lived in London my entire life I know all about it and its surrounding areas very well! I have been around for all of the market shifts. I still own property in London despite having moved to British Columbia a couple of years ago and purchasing another AirBnb property there. If you are thinking of relocating out of province I have lots of experience to help you out!


Being Dynamic Since Starting Work at 16! She bought her first house at 21 and continues to grow her portfolio today!

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