Candace is simply the best!!! She will have your back people! You can totally trust her in caring about your interest whether it’s in finding your forever home or looking into making a profit with gaining rental properties(she knows her stuff!) What super impressed my boyfriend and I was her help in finding us a place to live for the year, even though we were just her airbnb guests for a couple of nights!! She steered us away from putting in an application for an apartment in a bad neighbourhood that we honestly had no clue about! We really thought the area looked good and the apartment felt safe, but then she told us just how dangerous that part of town is. We were so relieved as we were just about to sign a 12 month contract with them. After that she continued to reach out to us even in her very busy schedule and we really felt like she had our back, which was so nice as we just moved to the area and didn’t have anyone to turn too for guidance. She’s just one of those special kinds of people that has a bundle of energy and a big heart.