There is just something about getting a Christmas card that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy! There’s no better feeling than knowing someone is thinking of you. But what do you do with all of those cards after they have spent the season on your mantle? Some families save them away never to be seen again, but why not help minimize adding clutter to your home and put them to good use!

1. Turn them into a unique garland for the tree next year!
– Cut out circles from pretty pictures on the card (you can glue two of the circles together so that both sides have a nice image)
– Use a hole punch to punch a hole at the top of the circles
– String them along on twine or ribbon
– Voila! You’ve got a new decoration that you can put to use year after year and add to as you go!

2. Make coasters to use every holiday season!
– Get square tiles (just slightly larger than a mug)
– Cut out a square from the cards and glue them to the tiles
– Use Mod Podge to seal the card on top
– Glue cork to the opposite side of the tile
3. Cut them into gift tags and use them as gift cards the following year

4. Upcycle them into your own handmade cards next year.
– Cut out holiday words (joy, x-mas, etc.) or trace and cutout shapes (reindeer, ornaments, Christmas tree snowflakes) and glue onto blank cards to make your own unique card

5. Make your own EPIC wreath!
– Cut cards into holly leaf shapes
– Glue each leaf onto a toothpick (these steps are time consuming but worth it)
– Get a foam ring and poke the leaves in it on an angle, continue in multiple rows until it is full
– Get ribbon and add a bow in the bottom center of the wreath and add a loop on top for hanging

6. Turn them into bookmarks and use them year round!

No matter what you do with them, receiving cards is always nice, but it can be used for fun too!