There is just something so satisfying about having windows so clean you can see yourself smiling back in them! Ideally you should plan to give your windows a good cleaning about twice a year. To achieve the cleanest windows possible, planning can help. Avoid cleaning them on hot, sunny days as this will cause the cleaning product to dry up too quickly and leave behind the dreaded streaks. If the forecast is calling for nothing but sunshine, try to start on the shade covered sides of the house first.

What cleaning solution should you use? There are a number of cleaning products available out there, but the tried and true original is a mixture of about two gallons of water (7.6L), a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid, and a dash of white vinegar. No need to get fancy here!

How to clean your windows:
Remove windows screens – Spray them down with a hose or spray bottle and wipe clean using a sponge and your cleaning mixture. Spray down again to rinse off and allow to fully air-dry while you clean the rest of the window.
Sweep or brush the dirt from the windows frame and vacuum it up.
For especially dirty outdoor windows you may want to pre-spray with a garden hose
For indoor windows you may want to set out an old sheet or drop cloth to protect your flooring
Using a squeegee outdoors or for large windows and a sponge for small panes (or indoors if you aren’t confident with the squeegee) scrub the glass. First dip your squeegee in the bucket of cleaning solution, wring out the excess, and scrub the entire window ensuring to get in the corners.
Using the rubber blade of the squeegee, swipe vertically for small panes and horizontally for wider window panes. Go row by row with about a few centimeters of overlap, ensuring that you wipe your blade on a clean microfiber cloth between each row.
After removing the solution with the squeegee, wipe dry with a clean cloth

If you find the rubber blade is squeaking across the window, try adding more dish soap to your cleaning mixture.
The easiest way to avoid streaks is to use a sharp, high quality rubber blade.
You can often get more use out of each rubber blade by removing it and flipping it around to use the other side.
For tough residues, gente scrape off using a razor blade
To reach second story windows you can use an extension pole instead of a ladder
To clean the inside of the window sill use a toothbrush, narrow cloth or baby wipe
To detect which side of the windows streaks are coming from, try swiping vertically on one side and horizontally on the other