Spring is in the air and that means getting outside for some fresh air! While you are enjoying the beautiful weather you should check up on some maintenance around the house. Spending a little money on maintenance now can save a lot of money in the long run and prevent major issues.

Check up on your roof! – The roof is too often neglected! It is one of your home’s main defences against the elements. If you feel safe in doing so, get up on your roof and inspect the shingles for any required repairs. Clear leaves and debris from shingles to prevent them washing down into the gutters.

Open up the attic hatch – Look to see if any animals made your attic their home over the winter. Ensure that your attic is breathing with proper air flow and has proper insulation; proper insulation does not mean that it is only the proper R-Value but also that it is not blocked breathing. Improper ventilation and insulation can lead to mold growth and too high of a surface temperature essentially cooking your shingles from underneath. The best way to keep your roof in great shape is from within the attic!

Examine the foundation – Are there any cracks that should be filled? Caulking may not be the solution, and there are great epoxy injection systems you can do on your own or hire a professional. Ensure to check the basement as well for any signs of water infiltration.

Dust off the A/C – Check out your air conditioner and see if it is still working effectively; are there any lines leaking? Does the filter need to be changed? It is better to assess issues now and avoid being without a working system when that hot July heat comes!

Patio Prep! – Clean up your deck or porch with a pressure washer and re-stain or seal if needed to have it looking its best. Spray down any outdoor furniture and check any metal furniture for rust to be sealed with spray enamel.

Let the grass wars begin – Rake or pick up any debris and get started on your lawn care to be the envy of the neighborhood!
Shrub-a-dub-dub – Refresh the shrubs around your home with a fresh spring cut.

Get ready for Barbeque season – Clean off the grills and ensure they are seasoned, check burners, and make sure you have propane.
Run taps – Turn on the outside taps to check for leaks, be ready to turn off the water in case any pipes were cracked over the winter!


The better you maintain your home, the longer you will avoid major issues and the more you will enjoy the time you spend there! There is no better vent than to prevent!