How uncomfortable is it to talk about money and success during the pandemic? For me, it can be very uncomfortable to talk about wealth when many people are struggling. So why? WHY am I coming out of the closet to speak about financial success? Because I don’t want other people to suffer anymore. I don’t want people to be without jobs or unable to adapt and overcome during the pandemic. I just have to speak out and if one person gets hope or motivation from me sharing then it’s worth it to send this newsletter and put some personal stuff out there.

Everyone had choices during this last year and a half and this newsletter is not to talk about Covid or your choices. I respect everyone’s right to choose what they think is safe and we will leave it at that. Justin and I were blessed not only to be in an essential business but to have the continued faith of our clients and consistent referrals coming in from all of you. Before I carry on into some more details, SERIOUSLY, thank you. I tear up even writing this because we are so lucky to have the clients we have. If you are struggling, please reach out (reply to the email) and let us know how we can give back. We are always looking for ways to give back. In the past I’ve tried charity boxing (ouch, yes I got punched in the face) … optimist clubs, different veterans fundraisers and we are looking for new online ways to fundraise. Let us know, we are open-eared!!

I digress, the point of this email, is that for one, I want to personally get back into being able to talk about success and sharing success with others. And how to achieve success through a pandemic. Many people opened up online businesses, if this is you- please send me your link! Many of us had rental properties and had to switch from Airbnb to medium or long term rentals, or choose to sell if they couldn’t work for us anymore. Some people got into flipping homes as construction was considered essential. If you picked up a hammer and tried something new during the pandemic, I salute you!

There is a group of us who chose to get into rental properties for the first time during the pandemic, if this is you, please let me know your story! My last 2 years was completely insane, I’m not going to sugar coat the amount of work that was put in, not only since I bought my first house at 21 years old, but since then, that allowed me to snowball my investments.

Personally, I was in the middle of a long drawn out medical release from the military and learning new coping skills for my PTSD. I mention this because we need to remove the stigma from PTSD and people being unable to work, or have success, while dealing with PTSD. So, again, I am getting vulnerable and putting myself out there. I set very, very, specific financial goals, with timelines, and I got DEEP into manifesting. If you don’t fully know what manifesting is there is tons of manifesting meditations and I did abundance meditations while I slept at night.

I listened to success pod casts so much over the last few years, if you are into real estate than the Brian Buffini pod cast is king of the castle and it’s free. If you like general motivation then Tony Robbins has been a huge influence for me. Other people were reading or listening for fun, I was reading Dale Carnegie and how to become a millionaire – FAST. And it worked!!! If you have been stuck at home a lot, don’t feel bad, this newsletter isn’t about that. This newsletter is my free gift to you about the free resources I used. Once I became a sponge on motivational pod casts and abundance meditations I hit the ground running with my sphere of influence.

I used Instagram, Facebook, Mail Chimp, Kijiji, Google, and more to invite as many people to be a part of my digital sphere as possible. If you are thinking of hitting financial goals this year- let me know. I’ve been exploring financial coaches, spiritual healers and motivational coaching. Literally anyone or anything I felt could help me level up.

I then had a number of personal, familial and work problems, arise… trust me, as you expand it’s normal to get a whole new level of issues. Family members and friends got Covid, my military release went through and a slew of other personal problems came up. I was thrown. These things happen, but they are very hard to deal with while running multiple Airbnb’s, rentals, having a team in London and getting my license in BC so I could start a whole new business out there. Lots of risks were taken, but lots of rewards. I may go a little deeper in a future newsletter but for now, just know- it was a shit show.

I was very blessed to have my step Dad, Sean, come to help me finish a project that was abandoned mid project by my project manager at the start of the pandemic, and I have to give him a shout out for helping me with a 3000 square foot home – I had to do the hardest thing for me personally, and that was ask for help. With his help and my cousin Jeremy we got it done! Biggest lesson of the last 2 years for me, is that it’s ok to ask for help.

Between this and selling off a few flip projects and renting out rooms, while running the real estate business, I was able to hit my financial goals and achieve what I set out to do, in the pandemic, no less! If you take anything out of this email it’s ask for help when you need it.

I will loop all this together in coming to my final point. Renting out homes and having equity rise with the market and selling after renovations is probably 60% of my wealth growth in the last 10 years. The other 40% being real estate income and team expansion, but this isn’t the focus for that. I sacrificed privacy and rented out rooms in my home for 11+ years (AND STILL DO) and if you can even rent out one room, or even better a unit, in your owner occupied duplex or triplex, you can gain wealth and have amazing, legal, tax write offs while you do it.

I rented rooms, but with multi-family you do not have to sacrifice privacy or space. I chose, for many years, to stay in the basement of a 3 bedroom semi and rent the upstairs rooms and when I wasn’t making a monthly profit I was at least breaking even on my living expenses. If you take a moment to think about what it’s like to have NO living expenses, you may realize, that even the small amount of rental income in the beginning (hovering around $1000 a month) was money going towards a mortgage that I never had to pay out of my own pocket. That meant I could do whatever I wanted with the leftover money coming in. When I was younger, I’m not going to lie, a lot of it went to travel but I have no regrets.

I’ve seen other people frugal their lives and families into wealth and that is NOT for me. It never will be, and I have been listening and watching Mark Smith recently (he’s local Ontarian who’s putting out of a ton of motivational emails) and was pleasantly surprised to hear him talk about a lack of frugality to get to wealth. Again, I didn’t count pennies, but I did sacrifice my space, time, energy and privacy with my journey. Long hours in real estate were a part of it so I don’t want to sugar coat that time and effort are needed. ]

However I just wanted to add a bit of a personal story and sincere sales-pitch on how buying home that can bring income in is, in my opinion, the number one way to snowball wealth. Not only was I able to ride inflation up but having the monthly income was financial freedom in itself. I just know, that if you are willing to trade in a luxury home or a bigger house for something with a basement suite, or purpose-built multi-family, YOU CAN GROW LIKE THIS TOO!

I’m going to leave you with a math challenge. Take 15 minutes to see how much it’s currently costing you, if you live in a single family home, include all the bills, taxes, internet, hydro, gas, water. Try to ball park at least and see what monthly number you come up with. If you are renting right now, do the same. Now ask yourself how much can you discount in renting a room? $400 a month? $600 a month with private bathroom? What about renting a basement or an entirely separate suite? I think mostly people can be surprised at what they are spending on accommodations and how much they can save in renting out space.

My preferred calculator is on Rate Hub… if you’d like links to anyone or anything I’ve mentioned or want a detailed discussion on Airbnb or house-hacking, then reply to this email. I can send some links out! I’m hoping that I can start opening up more about the goals I’ve been able to achieve and start sharing real like experience and tips with people so that everyone in my network can benefit and grow.

If you took the long weekend off, I hope it was relaxing. If you worked, I hope you enjoyed the hustle.

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