10 Tips For Using The Washroom


Treat toilet nicely

  1. Do NOT flush anything that does not come out of your Body!! Examples include tampons, pads, floss, baby wipes, or “flushable wipes” as they are not flushable.
  2. Wash your hands after you go.
  3. House manager if you break something.
  4. Please use the bins provided for all trash.

How to shower and bath mindfully

  1. Think of the earth before you use more than 1 towel for your stay.
  2. Think of your wallet when you are using more than 1 towel, we keep Airbnb affordable when we do less laundry.
  3. Think of the host before you steal or take the extras we’ve provided to make your stay extra comfortable.
  4. Think of the next guest coming to stay.
  5. Enjoy whatever you need of the amenities during your stay to have maximum comfort and cleanliness.

Top tips to keep Airbnb affordable for all!

  • Stay in contact with your host
  • Clean up after yourself
  • Report damage immediately
  • Read all the rules
  • Do NOT take “souvenirs” (stealing towels costs the host $$ and will impact rental pricing for future guests)


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