As a licensed real estate agent and airbnb host, the most common question I get asked about hosting is, where do I start?

If you’re thinking about getting started in hosting your own airbnb, take a look at these few steps to consider before you get going.

1. Check your local bylaws. Not every city or town has permitted airbnbs yet, so do a quick search make sure you’re allowed to host in the first place.
If you live in a condo and plan on hosting, check the rules, regulations or declaration. Make sure that you’re allowed to host in the condo.

2. Join the Facebook group, Insider Airbnb With Candace Kee. You’ll meet airbnb hosts from around the world. Join in on discussions about hosting tips, ask your questions and get your answers from experts who have been in your shoes!

3. Check in with your neighbors, give them a heads up that you plan on hosting. They’ll be able to expect visitors coming and going from your home, and won’t grow suspicious.

4. Determine what kind of host you want to be. This relates to who you are as a person. It’s up to you to decide what policies you’d like to enforce. Personally, guests must abide to my no alcohol and marijuana policies.
Figure out what rules are going to make you the most comfortable, especially if you’re living in the same home as your airbnb guest.

5. Connect with friends who host, or members of the Insider Airbnb With Candace Kee Facebook group, and have them send you referral codes. It’s more money in your pocket!

6. If you’re hosting for the first time, I recommend that you turn Instant-Book off.
You’ll want to be able to approve your guests first, at least until you grow more comfortable hosting.
I also like to make sure that the guest has some reviews themselves. First timers don’t always realize that an airbnb experience is far different from a hotel, and you’ll want to avoid any confusions in that sense.

7. Think about what you’d like to provide for your guests. I offer breakfasts in the morning (eggs, toast) because I can easily restock the fridge and throw away food that’s about to expire. This is something to keep in mind if you don’t live at your airbnb, and can’t get in to restock before the food turns.

Becoming an airbnb host is a lot of fun, and a really rewarding experience.

Get excited, ask lots of questions, and don’t forget to check out my full video below if you’re thinking about hosting! Like and subscribe to my channel for future airbnb insider videos like this one!