Big Earnings

In the month of January, I was able to earn almost $9000 on airbnb alone, through three Ontario properties.
Managing various airbnb’s can be a rewarding experience!
I’ve teamed up with
airbnb management expert, Tyler McBride, to help you get the best experience possible, and achieve an increase in cash flow.

The Offer

I am committed to helping you find your ideal property to host your own airbnb.
Have a specific price point in mind? Room number? Location? Let’s make it happen!

I’ll also handle the setting up and management of the property, making it an ideal experience for guests, while taking all of the stress and worry off of you!


 Typical market costs would be 10-20% of gross revenue but for 2019, I’m offering my clients an exclusive 5% rate.

Start Making Money

Airbnb properties typically produce over double the market income that renting out would earn. Let’s get that into your pockets!
Investing in an airbnb property has never been easier.
We’re going to save you from doing the legwork, dealing with any messy startup issues, and let you reap the benefits.

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Ready to get started? Call me and let’s get going!