This year has been different than a lot of other years for the real estate market in London, ON.

We all know that there’s an influx of buyers once spring rolls around. Starting as early as even February, you can expect plenty of new listings and showings galore that lead right through to the summer time. It’s no secret that it’s been a sellers market during this season.

Historically, realtors tend to see the market slow down once summer comes to an end, but like I said, this year is different, and the big question that we all want to know is why?

We’re rapidly heading into autumn and yet we’re still seeing plenty of homes flying off the market. Personally, I’ve had over 50 showings for just one listing! There are plenty of reasons why this could be happening, and why the market is still on fire.

If you’re looking to sell, there’s no need worry. In fact, it’s likely going to work out in your favor when it comes to that ideal listing price.

Watch here to find out more about why the market is so hot right now, and why sellers have the upper hand!

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