Eat Sleep Breathe Real Estate is BACK

Season 2, Episode 1 has the topic that’s on everyone’s mind in Canada! What does the Liberal Government’s new federal mortgage rules mean for the average Joe & Josephine?

I sat down with mortgage expert Carmen Alpaerts right here in Ontario and broke things down in simple terms for you!

The rate was raised .25% in January 2019 and the rules were tightened up. You now need to qualify at a higher interest rate then what you are actually currently paying which is going to affect you a lot!

People who would qualify for around $270,000 are now only going to qualify at $220,000 so it’s going to have a huge affect… In the price points above $500,000 we are currently seeing the most changes.

I London, as of January 2018, it’s still a seller’s market and buyers in these lower price points are still qualified and ready to buy great investments in London where we are seeing competition and bids going over-asking.

There’s lots more good information in the video so if you have a moment, watch it all the way through and please RSVP for one of our upcoming seminars.

Monday February 9th for Airbnb mortgages and airbnb regulations plus a full market update. 

Who wants to learn more about buying an airbnb? Carmen Alpaerts will be joining me Monday to talk about different types of lenders that will fund your Airbnb investment so you can get a higher rate of return on your investment and make more money, faster!

If you want to come check out a fully functioning #airbnb with us after the presentation you can bring your own car or hop in mine and we will go check it out!

Video here!