Eat Sleep Breathe Real Estate is BACK!

Pro Tip!!
Check online for addresses in London when you are looking at houses to see what permits they have (or don’t have)

This first quick episode back is where to search permits on the city’s website in order to check a house before you buy it! Whether it’s for rental permits for an investment or to ensure the pool in your new home is legal and city-approved, this website is an invaluable tool!

You can check for rental applications, permits, pool & fencing permits, fireplaces, W.E.T.T certificates and more!

In your home search I want to make sure you have access to all the resources I do, this one is free and easy to use for consumers. It helps ease a bit of the nerves when buying to discover permits have been in place for any construction.

Bonus Tip- rental licences are not transferable, so the new owner will have to re-apply (grab for more cash by the city if you ask me) but the likelihood of getting your new rental licence on a property is high if it already had one. It likely already has egress windows in the basement, smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors and the lot if it was just licensed in the past year.


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