Presently there is a lot of voting going on for Readers Choice in London. These awards are very important to Londoners and I humbly ask for your support. I’ve surpassed Bronze & Silver awards for the year and am heading for Gold. I’ve put all my extra time and effort into this career to make sure each client is happy. I give away free stuff on my Facebook page and I post as much free information as I can think of! From the bottom of my heart I am doing my best and it shows in all the support you’ve given me so far in 2017. I am humbly asking for your support once more!

If you wouldn’t mind nominating “Candace Keeling” for this Realtor choice thing in London! It would mean the world to me!

You can nominate as much as you want until November 7th- that’s when the Top 3 are picked, so as much as you can until then is appreciated!

As always I plan to have an epic give-away come November on my Facebook page.