Who uses AirBnB in London?

This was my first question when I got back from Koln Germany, which is the first place I ever used AirBnB. Imagine this, I get off the plane in a foreign country – no plans and just wondering where I’m going to stay as ALL HOTELS ARE BOOKED!

How could it be? Comic-On Germany was happening that exact weekend, right there in Koln! Unbelievable luck… with some anxiety and truly a lack of choice I took my sisters advice and looked up an AirBnB. I had to have my host meet me at a coffee shop (that’s not sketchy at all) and then take me to his place, the whole time I’m imagining the movie “Taken” and my lack of an assassin as my father might put me at a disadvantage in a kidnapping…

BUT, I lived to tell the tale! Nils picked me up and helped me with my bags and we carried them up one flight to his apartment. I have a private room and my own key to come and go as I pleased. The whole time I was thinking 1. This guy is making money off me using his guest room… and 2. Is there any way anyone would need to travel to London, Ontario and I could do this is at my house?

My trip to Germany was amazing and Nils even took me out with the local Germans for a few activities. I had know if I could provide something similar in London so as soon as I got home I listed a room on Airbnb and I’ve been hosting ever since!

I posted a short video recently about the top 3 questions I get about hosting in London and I invite you to watch on either of these links;