If you are anything like me, once you get an idea it’s off to the races!

I want to keep this post short and simple. The first place anyone starts in buying a house is talking to a mortgage broker. My cousin has been in the business for many many years and is an expert in residential mortgages. If you fill out the contact form and strictly put in the message, “Pre-approval” I’ll send your info to him and he can send you a link.

On the link you fill out some financial information and David can get back to you on IF you qualifiy, but he can do you one better and tell you HOW to qualifiy in the future if you are unable now.

Even if you don’t know if you can or want to now, the first place anyone needs to start in home-buying is with a plan between David and I – we will get you on your way whether it’s today or not til next year!