Did you say free??

Yes, renters that choose to apply for a listing on realtor.ca can get my services for FREE! That means a professional with 7 years experience in being a landlord, and almost 3 years experience as a realtor to write, submit and mostly importantly EXPLAIN the lease to each client at absolutely no cost to them.

Why do I need a realtor?

I cannot count the number of times I have had to help people with their leases after the fact due to landlords having complicated clauses hidden in leases, or simply because the tenant did not fully understand what they were signing at the start of their lease. Moving out, whether renting or buying, is an exciting time. People often let emotions cloud their judgment and do not fully comprehend what they are signing in their excitement to move into a new place.

Where do I start?

By submitting your e-mail, I can sign you up with my custom automated listing service to receive e-mails on the Toronto Real Estate Board even BEFORE they end up on realtor.ca! I look into listings in both Toronto and London every day and am in tune with current market conditions in both locations.

Where can I get more information?

I will continue to update the website and add blogs with information for renters, but to get personalized information and to find out the other advantages of using me to represent you on a lease – please contact me direct – at 905-483-5337.

Happy House Hunting!