1. De-clutter!
Just because your favourite aunt gave you a glass troll does not mean it should be front row centre on your gas fireplace! Anything that is extra in the room needs to be boxed up, you are preparing for a move! Don’t worry, you can bring it back out after you find your new home!

2. De-Personalize!
In conjuction with the suggestion above, take down any beautiful pictures you have of you or and friends/family members. You want buyers to come in and picture themsevles in the home, NOT see a bunch of people they don’t know any can’t relate to. You want buyers to immediately picture themselves in the home when they walk through the door.

3. Fix Flooring Where Possible!
You can use an ice cube on carpet dents, or a dollar-store scrubber to get dents around if you’ve moved furniture (see below)… If you have stains on the carpet it’s around $40 to rent a machine to wash out stains if you cannot afford to replace damaged carpet before you sell. If there is hardwood or laminate floors, consider a neutral accent rug. The home-inspection or buyers will notice floor damage when they do an inspection – you aren’t trying to hide it per-say but you don’t want the focal attention when they walk into the living room to be a giant scratch on the floor. A lot of time a good cleaning can make all floors look better, including getting into the grout of ceramic tiles etc.

4. Move furniture
Maximize space by getting rid of any unnecessary furniture. You want the rooms to look as big as possible! Ask me for tips on how to fill the room strategically to make the most out of it.

5. Neutral Colours everywhere!
If you can paint any uniquely coloured rooms to make the house have a neutral flow, then do so. Although you may like red, turquoise or purple walls – most buyers will respond to beige, grey or other neutral tones and they prove to be easier colours to paint over which means a buyer will see the house as less work!
Lastly, have a walk-through with someone else who’s not emotionally attached to the home to pick out any things you might have missed !