In a world that is constantly changing and an ever more educated buyer with all that the internet offers – why not offer a something different? I’m pleased to announce I’m now offering a $2000 flat fee partial service buyer representation!

What does this mean? This means if you are an educated buyer who goes to all your own open houses, does all your own research and books all your own appointments but you just need someone to professionally write the contract and deal with negotiation once you’ve found the perfect place – I will process the deal.

This option is ideal for the person that asks, “I did all the work, why do I need a realtor?” Well, for the final step and submitting an offer – especially if you are competing with other offers – I will put $2000 flat on the Confirmation of Co-operation. This means your offer could actually be less than the highest offer while competing in a hot market, like Toronto, but because I’m only asking for $2000 (instead of the same commission the other realtors will be asking for being 2-3%) with your offer this could save you and the seller thousands and give you that competitive edge to win without you having to spend more money than the other offers (when competing).

Please contact me for complete details as this offer is only for a buyer who needs no help at all with anything except the writing and submitting of an offer.

Full service buyer representation is still something I am offering but this is aimed at a very specific buyer type to give them options over writing an offer themselves after they’ve done all the work and risk making a mistake on what is most people’s biggest transaction of their lives! Call a professional to negotiate and save money now!

Also note: If the listing is on the MLS (in most cases) the seller will be paying the realtor’s commission. If you have found a private this option is available as well at cost to the buyer. Please contact me for full details on this offer!