There are many ways to get to home ownership, and I will attempt to update my blog on a regular basis with different ideas.

The point here is to get your mind moving towards the idea of making income with other peoples money! Seems simple, right? Unfortunately most people I’ve spoken to since I bought my house in third year university think home-owning is out of reach… I am proof that if there’s a will there’s a way, and I’m in the process of buying my second property.

Most recently I’ve been hosting as an AirBnB host:  (Referral link here  

But I want to address a much simpler concept today of what I did at the age of 21… This idea can be used for students, parents of students, or simply knowing someone or currently renting with someone you might want to live with. When I first bought a house in London I was already renting with a roommate. When I went to put an offer on the house I had already discussed her moving with me to the new place and renting a room. This simple concept of planning ahead allowed me to have instant income when the house deal closed on a monthly basis.

Mathematically speaking when I bought the house originally my mortgage payments were $631 a month. I was receiving $425 a month from having only 1 roommate… This compiled with the fact that I worked part-time at various jobs while I attended Western University allowed me to have a very comfortable life, and I was still able to travel even though I had a mortgage.

There are obviously a lot more details and planning involved for this type of lifestyle, but the point of this blog post is just to get you thinking… How much are you spending in rent right now? Do you have someone that you’d be willing to live with or continue to live with? Why not ask them?

If you are thinking, “I can’t afford this, I don’t have enough for a down payment,” – you are not alone! Most people I talk to are stuck in the idea that home-buying is out of reach, but yet they are paying rent month to month on top of a lot of other things and don’t have the it in their heads that they could actually be spending less monthly by BUYING… Crazy right?

I don’t want to give all my secrets away in a blog but I have an amazing mortgage broker on my team who can pre-approve you for financing, or at the very least he can set you up with a plan so you know that you can buy in a year or two.

Our generation has an opportunity to address some of the mass debt we’ve acquired from school or other life experiences via smart investments in real estate, and if you give me call I can show you how.