I applied for and qualified for the energy rebate at two different homes, both semi-detached, and have so far received 3 cheques.
Right after my assessments and upgrades were done, and everything had been submitted, the first rebate I got was the initial assessment costs back (minus the HST, you do not get the HST back).
The man who did my assessments was named Duff and he works for Energuy. He helped break down exactly what I qualified for which included furnace($1000), hot water tank (did not use this one), windows($80 each), doors ($80 each), and air sealing at $100 per home as well as attic insulation at $250 each home. I did not upgrade my basement wall insulation as my basements were already finished and did not qualify on either property.
I didn’t qualify for outside wall insulation either so I don’t know much about that.
To see if you qualify for this you can go to or call energuy at 1-888-442-9577
Just to clarify one thing in the video, this was done on Facebook Live and I have a lot of papers and receipts in front of me. They have 90 days (not 6 months) once everything is submitted and approved to get you the cheque, not 6 months. I have receive the cheque for one of the properties and that was for $1930.00 (Plus the energy assessment refunds for both properties at $500 a piece)
I spent about $11,000 total between the two homes and got over $4000 back (*Once I receive the other cheque it will be over $4000*).
My furnance’s were very old and needed to be replaced anyways, so I found this rebate to be pretty helpful. It does require money up front for most of the updates ($1988 with HST between the two homes for attic insulation up front, etc.) so I think you should wait until you have the money to get the initial assessment.
There is quite a bit of out-of-pocket costs but getting the money back down the line is, in my opinion, worth upgrading.
I will update later if I notice a decline in my hydro and gas bills!!