I was asked by a client to do a bit of research for the best area to live if you want to be near the best public schools in London and I found a very useful website;



Using the image above, and green being the best, it’s evident the most schools that rated best, are in North London. For ease of looking I then zoomed in to North London to see the exact locations;

And for further clarity on which ones were where I had all the names listed on the map below;


As you can see from the list below these are exactly how the schools ranked in Ontario…

There is more to the tour I’m taking the client on this week, and there is more information in the welcome folder I’ve put together for this client based on his needs and his family. The point is – if you are looking for a realtor willing to go above and beyond to make your search personal and easy to understand – especially when moving from the GTA (or anywhere) to London, Ontario – I have the tools and motivation to help you move seamlessly and professionally.

If being treated with specific care for your needs is something you value in a realtor, give me a call!